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Average Salary Of A Homicide Detective

A career as a Homicide Detective can be very dangerous and stressful. Investigators need to be constantly alert and ready to deal with various threatening situations, including acts of violence from suspected criminals. Mere presence at murder scenes can be quite stressful.

Salary Of Homicide Detective

  • While salaries for homicide detectives are not recorded separately from salaries of detectives specializing in other fields, the overall average salary of detectives exceeded $60,000 in 2009, though starting salary for a Homicide Detective is in the range of $36000-54000.
  • The salaries vary according to location, company, experience and benefits.
  • Salaries in 2009 ranged from $37,960 for the lowest paid 10% detectives to a high of $1,00,000 for the highest paid 10%.
  • A survey of 435 police detectives in 2010 reported that salaries varied from $44,600 to $81,800.
  • Federal homicide detectives and criminal investigators take home an average salary of $75,490 per year, while those on local government payrolls earn an average annual salary of $61,200.
  • State governments pay detectives and criminal investigators an average salary of $54,940 per year.

Homicide Detective: TOP PAYING CITIES

  • New York, San Francisco, St. Louis, Los Angeles and Chicago were the best paying cities for detectives in 2010.
  • LA police detectives had a salary from $68,200 to $107,000. Top paying districts for Homicide Detective were DC, New Jersey, Delaware, Alaska and California. (source: ehow.com)
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