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Psychic Detectives,Their Abilities and Recogniton

Psychic Detectives are people who help to investigate crimes using their claimed paranormal psychic powers. Many people claim that their psychic capabilities have helped police and investigators solve a number of kidnapping and murder cases, a claim which the police flatly refuses.


Psychic Detectives-Abilities

The abilities which psychic detectives claim include post-cognition (paranormal perception of the past), psychometry (information physically gained from objects), pre-cognition (seeing things before they happen), telepathy and remote viewing ( viewing a scenario from a different plane mentally). Some psychic detectives also use the concept of dowsing.
  • Some psychic detectives claim to communicate with the spirit of the dead person, in case of murder cases.
  • Although psychics may be able to communicate some facts which the police might have missed out, their success ate remains controversial.


Psychic Detectives and Police Department:

Although they dont admit it, police departments do use the services of psychic detectives in cases which seem to be heading towards a dead end, with a hope that they might provide a new lead. However many police departments have stated that they do not find the use of psychic detectives as useful or credible in most cases.


  • Australian Police have clearly said that they do not take the services of psychics to solve cases.
  • Still there are many psychics who profess to have trained with the Australian police and failing to provide sufficient credible evidence to support qualification.


  • 26 British police forces, in 2006, said that they did not and have never used the services of psychics, in response to a query by UK Skeptics.
  • The Metropolitan Police, in 2009, denied having ever used the help of psychics, but when they were presented with e-mails stating the opposite, they gave an unsatisfying answer and closed the matter.


New Zealand

  • The Kiwi police have stated that they do not consider spiritual communication as a credible foundation for investigations.


  • A senior investigator in FBI had stated that help from a psychic detective were considered as a last resort and a delicate tool of investigation, for providing clues that are not directly admissible in court.
  • A 1993 survey of police departments in 50 major cities showed that police had taken the predictions of psychic detectives in the past, and only 7 departments treated this information any differently from information from other sources.


Pyschic Detectives And Recognition
  • No psychic detective has ever been praised, recognized or awarded by the FBI or US national news for solving a crime, preventing a crime for happening, finding a kidnapped person or a corpse.
  • The Australian Institute of Criminology advises parents of missing children not to resort to using services of psychic detectives.
  • Former FBI agents come down heavily on psychic detectives. According to one,

What happens many times is that professed psychics allow themselves the benefit of 20/20 hindsight. After the case is solved, they make their previously vague predictions somehow fit the crime and the criminal.



  • One of the earliest forms of fictitious psychic detectives was created by mother-son duo, a character named Flaxman Low, in 1897.
  • Other examples are Jules De Grandin, Doctor Occuly and agent Jasi McLellan.
  • A popular television series, Psych, features self-proclaimed psychic detectives helping Santa Barbara police in cracking crimes, but have so far been unsuccessful in all 4 seasons.
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