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Stress Due To Work Conditions As A Homicide Detective

Stress is a component of life as a Homicide Detective, and relieving it is a necessity. It is one of the toughest jobs in law enforcement to investigate a homicide. Stress in this profession ranges from tracking down suspects to danger while apprehending the criminal. A Homicide Detective witnesses the most inhumane act of a person against another, i.e, a murder. To cop with such stressful situations, a Homicide Detective can follow the following steps to de-stress.

Homicide Detective : Work Stress

Stress is part and parcel of the job of a Homicide Detective. (Imgsrc: Zazzle.com)

Homicide Detective- How To Relieve Stress

1. Keep work at work

  • Keep your work away from home. Learn to separate between office life and home life.
  • Relax at home in the company of friends and family members without the burden of the case running through your head all the time.
  • Due to unrealistic work hours, personal relations can become strained. Plan an outing with your partner whenever you have time, and spend quality time with your kids.
  • Plan activities like picnics, outings, hiking etc. that brings the family closer.

2. Prepare Yourself

  • Many cases take years to solve, so a Homicide Detective must be prepared for a long search for the killer.
  • He must build a strong case, especially when it involves un-co-operative witnesses.
  • He should analyse every case and situation separately, so as to uncover any fact he may have missed.

Preperation-of both mind and the case at hand, is importan for a homicide detective

3. Yoga

  • Yoga is a great stress buster, plus it helps the body to relax and helps in curing various diseases.
  • Practising yoga not only helps to de-stress, but it also rejuvenates the body and makes the mind more alert and sharp, and one can go back to work with renewed energy and determination.

4. Psychological Help

Homicide Detectives are witness to some of the most brutal acts against any age group, and this somewhere or the other, leaves a scar on their psyche.
  • Since they cant talk about it with anyone, they can share their feelings with their mental health counsellor and discuss their feelings and emotional anger, if any.
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