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What is a Pet Detective and What Is Their Salary

Although most people know the term pet detective through the popular movie Ace Ventura-Pet detective, most people dont know that it is a real and unorthodox profession. Pet detectives help people find their lost pets and similar related cases. Even though you may not have heard of it, yet it is helping people earn a decent livelihood. Read more if you want to learn about this exciting profession.

How To Become A Pet Detective

The movie Ace Ventura-Pet Detective helped bring this profession into the limelight

If you found Ace Ventura interesting, and are game for this profession, this is what you should do to become a pet detective.


Evaluate your skills. You need excellent communication, analytic and investigative skills. You must have a knowledge about animal behavior and must love to work with animals.


Ask questions. Ask the owners and neighbors about where the pet was last seen, had they wandered off previously, their favorite food and chew-toys etc. Learn to cope with emotional clients. Also ask for recent photographs of the dog and its belongings (collar etc.)


Get a companion, like a specially trained hunting dog, as they have a high degree of hearing and smelling power and can help in locating lost pets. Give the dog any belonging of the lost pet and it will help you track down the lost pet.


Becoming a pet detective requires no degree, and becoming a good detective requires marketing your services. Spread your work by word-of-mouth and build your reputation by helping out near and dear ones and gradually gaining reputation.

Market your services to animal shelters and animal control agencies so that they can contact someone in case of a missing pet.


The next best way to gain clients is becoming partners with an experienced pet detective or joining a pet detective agency. Ask them if they are hiring, or seek guidance on setting up your own business. You can also volunteer to gain more experience.

How To Become A Pet Detective On Your Own

You can become a pet detective on your own to find your missing pets by following these steps

If you are not willing to take the help of an external agency just yet, you can follow these steps to hope of catching your pet own your own.

Understand the temperament of your pet, and remove out areas where you know they will not go.
  • Cats tend to wander near their houses, while dogs can wander off far. Check accordingly for your pet.
  • Make flyers and put them up at busy places, making sure you secure them properly with duct tape. Check them periodically for any wear or tear, replacing them if necessary.
  • If you manage to find your pet’s whereabouts, make a humane cage to catch them, making sure you DO NOT end up hurting them. If things dont go according to plan, you can take the services of professionals.

Pet Detective Salary

A Pet Detective doesn’t earn as much as sworn in detectives, but still they manage to earn about $20000 to $ 22000 in most states, going up to $25000 in Pasadena CA.

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